3 Key Financial Literacy Concepts for Children

Child - Financial Literacy

April marked financial literacy month and was a great acknowledgement of at least some movement on our country’s desire to promote financial literacy here in the USA. It is terrific that there is this awareness of the financial literacy problems facing our country, specifically our next generation of children. However, we at GenProsper believe this topic is far too important to limit to a single month. Moving past the month of April and full on into June it would be a shame to let our focus on the significance of financial literacy be lost like most of our typical New Year’s resolutions. (more…)

What is GenProsper?

GenProsper is a financial literacy program designed to empower children with financial know-how so they achieve goals that mesh success with happiness.

Like perfecting a golf swing, learning a foreign language, or playing a symphony on the violin – sound financial understanding requires a lifetime of practice and coached skill development. The earlier your child starts on this journey, the more fluent he or she will be in navigating the financial world of wants, needs, and budget.

Why GenProsper?

GenProsper is here to provide a solution to the next generation so they can prosper. Our development platform empowers children through positive habits that will lead to a lifetime of strong financial choices resulting in happiness and balance.

How does it work?

Our program gives parents a platform that facilitates the teaching of key financial concepts and practices through real life earning, saving and spending activity. Our certification program tracks the child’s progress by successfully achieving financial activity goals. Together GenProsper delivers financial literacy by ingraining discipline and healthy financial habits.